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Equality of Man.

“Islam came to me as the spring comes to the cold earth after dark winter. It has warmed my soul and clothed me in its beautiful teachings. How clear and fresh are the teachings of Islam and how logical! ‘There is but One God and Muhammad is His Prophet.’ Can there be anything more sublime than this? None of the Mysterious ‘The Father, the son and the Holy Ghost’ ritual, which, I suppose, is quite awe-inspiring, but is hardly satisfactory to a keen mind. Islam is so modern, so applicable to the world today. Take, For instance, the teachings of Equality of Man, which is taught also in the Christian Churches but which with them has no meaning with their popes and archbishops and bishops, and so on, all striving for power and using God’s name as an excuse. How different is Islam from this! How much more sincere are the teachings of Muhammad as revealed to his by GOD!”

------------- Denis Warrington Fry (Australia)